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Expected results

The main results expected from implementation of this Project are:

  • Increase in the Iberian desman population.
  • Public understanding and awareness of the Iberian desman as a biological indicator.
  • Thorough fact finding about the distribution, biology, behaviour and genetic resources of the species, and determination of the causes for population regression in the area.
  • Establishment measures to avoid and reduce activity of predators in the same environment.
  • Conservation of the species as a guarantee for sustainable use of water in natural courses and its quality.
  • Identification of non-natural threats, palliative effects and species mechanisms.
  • Improvement in the state of conservation of the habitats in Sites of Community Interest (SCI) and those that are a high priority for the Iberian desman.
  • Setting up of a permanent tracking network.
  • Drawing up of maps showing risks to high priority desman habitats.
  • Establishment of the basis for a recovery strategy for the Iberian desman and its habitats as biological indicators of water and biodiversity quality.
  • Establishment of the basis for relocating animals.
  • Recognition by administrations that the presence of the desman is a biological indicator when they carry out management of activities within their powers.
  • Improvement of aquatic species and species that share the same habitat, not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of biodiversity, by improving the food chain.