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Natura 2000 network

Natura 2000 is a European ecology network of areas for the conservation of biodiversity. It is comprised of Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) designated according to the Habitats Directive, and Special Protection Areas (SPAs) for Birds according to the Birds Directive.

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Its mission is to ensure the long-term survival Europe’s most threatened species by contributing to the reduction in loss of biodiversity caused by the negative impact of human activities. It is the main European Union instrument for nature conservation. 

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European Union LIFE+ Programme

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The LIFE+ Programme is the only European Union funding instrument devoted exclusively to the environment for the 2007-2013 period. Its general aim is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of community policy and legislation in environmental issues, including the integration of the environment in other policies, in order to contribute to sustainable development. In particular, LIFE+ supports the implementation of the 6th Environmental Action Programme (EAP), including thematic strategies, and will fund measures and projects with added European value in Member States.

LIFE Future Regulations

On 12th December, 2011, the European Commission published the proposal for Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council regarding the establishment of the LIFE Programme for the Environment and Climate Action.

The Commission proposes to allocate EUR 3.2 billion over the 2014-2020 period to this new LIFE Programme for the Environment and Climate Action. This proposal will build on the success of the existing LIFE+ Programme but will be better structured, more strategic, simplified and more flexible. Emphasis will also be placed on better governance.

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